Hasan Sadıkoğlu was born in Famagusta on December 31, 1977. After completing secondary and high school at İskele Bekirpaşa Lycee, he graduated from Eastern Medditerrenean University as a construction technician.

He whom completed military duty in 2003, is the director of Sadıkoğlu Petrol Station which is a family company. Between 2006 and 2014 he served as a municipal councilor and also as vice-mayor.

He is married and has two children.

Mayor's Message

'Transparent , participatory, changing and developing municipality'

Municipality is a local governance created to meet the common and primary needs of a city or a town.

To serve without othering anyone is the key duty of an elected mayor who has started off with a principle: 'Everyone has the right to request a quality life standard with democracy, equitable environment and free will.' Having started off with this purpose, we serve you, our valued community with equality being the primary principle along with the principles of a developing and changing municipality which are being ahead of era, participatory, transparent and with a vision of 'We do it well' instead of 'I do it well'.

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