Municipal Services Unit

  1. Mayor

  2. Municipal Manager

  3. Executive Secretary

  4. Director

  5. Financial Affairs Unit

    1. Financial Affairs Unit is working for recovering the economy of İskele Municipality. It controls the balance of incomes and expenses while it is divided into several sub-units. Generally the incomes of the municipality are ; Water, Cleaning, Illumination Fees and the taxes of Real Estate, Occupation and Construction Licences.

  6. Public Relations Unit ( Caring Community's Needs and Finding Solutions)

    1. İskele Municipality Public Relations Unit works hard for finding solutions to the community's problems in order to make them feel unique. The complaints, suggestions and requests of the community are recorded to a tailor-made computer program and they are transferred to relevant units immediately, then the requests are followed until they are concluded. Accordingly, the people are informed about the result. Whenever you contact with our municipality, you will be welcomed with our Public Relations' staff friendliness.

  7. Cleaning Unit ( 7/24 Non-stop Service)

    1. İskele Municipality Cleaning Unit start out to make our city, the cleanest city of TRNC while they have choosen "Spotlessly Clean İskele" slogan. For this aim, they work hard by mobilizing their whole resources and facilities, and be conscious of working harmoniously with the community in order to make İskele spotlessly clean. In order to keep the environment clean, our community should be responsive, so If someone pollutes the environment insensibly, our municipality asks people to inform Public Relations Unit from 444 0 000.

  8. Health Unit (Health Sensitivity of the Municipality)

    1. İskele Municipality Health Unit believes that human's health is on top of everything, so they work hard with this weighty responsibility.

    2. b. Our team works periodically from summer to winter or day and night in order to be up against insects. They created a mutual team with Municipal Police Unit, and they examine all the workplaces all over the city, in order to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the community.

  9. Water Works Unit

    1. North Cyprus lacks of water, hereby İskele Municipality Water Works Unit has lot to do. When it compared with other cities in TRNC, in relation to its population, İskele has the minimium level of water, therefore, this unit works hard to prorate water and they are trying to solve related problems by creating new projects. Our brand new Purification Plant has changed the district's water infrastructure and the community consumes high quality water, hence the team works hard to overcome with water problems of İskele.

  10. Project Unit (Investment in the Future)

    1. Our team works together in order to create projects which could raise the quality of our community's life. Accordingly, they work hard for performing those projects contemporaneously and with quality.

    2. Public Works Unit (Sensitivity to the Environment and Transportation)

    3. This unit controls public works such as road or sidewalk construction, as well as controlling the new buildings suitability and legal conformity. The unit aims to create a contemporary environment in İskele, at the same time they are working hard for İskele Public Plan Project.

  11. Parks and Gardens Unit (Responsibility to the Nature)

    1. This unit works hard to make İskele, North Cyprus's most green city, and they grow all the trees and flowers that are planted all around the city at their own greenhouses. Our municipality plans to organize a company in which encourage people to plant flowers all over the city, by giving the young trees as a gift to them, and the organization's slogan would be "Let the Flowers Blossom in İskele".

  12. Market and Weight Unit

    1. This unit aims to enhance cheap and fresth fruit-vegetable shopping for our towners on Fridays, in safe and fair environment.

  13. Slaughter House Unit

    1. One of the most important units of İskele Municipality in terms of health is Slaughter House. The killing procedure of the bovine and ovine is done at this unit and Echinococcis and other varieties of diseases are under control in this unit.

  14. Garage

    1. The garage of the municipality takes care of all vehicles and repairs them. There are also carpenter and ironworkers in this unit who meets the requests of the municipality in these fields.

  15. Kindergarten of Municipality

    1. Municipalism is not only about water supplying or garbage collection. This unit is the proof of this aim. Families and our kindergarten's team come together more often to talk about children's position and at the end of these meetings, families have chance to learn how to act their children in certain situations. Children's feeding is arranged by dieticians weekly according to their nutritional needs.

  16. Municipal Police Unit

    1. Municipal polices provide safe and fair environment in the district. Work permits are given by this unit and they also have right to regulate and check these workplaces. They don't allow people to sell illegally in the district.

  17. Culture and Arts Unit

    1. This unit aims to introduce the culture of Cyprus by carrying out several cultural activities. Especially, İskele Festival which is organized by our municipality ever since 1958, works to introduce İskele to all Mediterranean.

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