Iskele (Bogaz)


İskele is settled at the joint point of Famagusta-Karpasia main road and Ercan-Karpasia Main road. It is well known with its coastline in which the green dances with blue harmoniously.
The district's name was Trikomo until 1974 and it is still termed with this name by numerous people. At 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, Larnaca Turkish Community had immigrated from South to North and they were settled to this coastline, and from that date, the region was named as İskele.
As from 1st of June, district number in TRNC was increased from 3 to 5, and İskele was declared as a district. There are 43 accommodation units in İskele. The population of the district is 20.245. Inhabitants make a living by tourism, civil services, labor, farming, fishing and crafting.

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Things to Do

parkİskele Municipality Homeland Park

Homeland Park is a unique park in TRNC which meets the needs of people from all ages with its green fields, ramblers, lemon cypresses, palm trees, mulberry trees and galberries.

Children play guards are designed in a safe and healthy manner in which children plays with happiness and enlivens our park.

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What's where?

 neredeİskele Bölgesi'ndeki faaliyette olan işyerleri ve ayrıca esnaf ve zanaatkarlarımızı bu konu başlığı altında bulabilirsiniz.

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